No shoes on the sofa; no jumping on the sofa; no food on the sofa, the rules are made when the new leather sofa arrives. Gradually the rules relax and eventually the sofa starts showing the signs of time. So what do we do to postpone the wear and tear of the leather of the sofa and postpone the aging from showing? Well, what we do is give the sofa a little care regularly; continue to use it to our heart’s content, and still have the leather on the sofa look nice and bright. Here’s how!

a. It is advisable to continue with the same rules you first made when the sofa came home. Shoes, food, and jumping will definitely cause damage to the sofa surfaces, which might be irreversible.

b. Wipe the leather regularly with a clean, dry and soft cotton cloth to remove dust from the leather.

c. Certain crevices or areas in furniture, that are difficult to reach during manual cleaning, collect dust and dirt. Use the hose attachment of your vacuum cleaner to clean these areas, but make sure not to press down too hard with the hose or you might end up scratching and damaging the leather surface.

d. Leather, like our skin, needs tending and moisturizing too otherwise it can dry and develop cracks. Apply a leather conditioner regularly to keep it supple and maintain its natural flexibility and elasticity.

e. Choose the leather conditioner carefully to suit the type of leather and follow the application guidelines on the product. As a rule of thumb, one might condition the leather furniture once every 6 to 12 months.

f. It is common to spill onto the leather upholstery food, drinks, and particles of other oily, greasy and coloured products that we use during our daily routines. Use a dry soft cloth or sponge to absorb and wipe away the spillage as soon as possible. Do not rub hard to rid the surface of the stains as you might end up worsening the damage.

g. Avoid soaking the leather in water or soap. Prolonged soaking could damage the leather.

h. Avoid using any cleaning products not designed for leather to clean or remove stains from leather products. Detergents, solvents, all-purpose cleaning sprays, ammonia, bleach, and furniture polish can be harmful to leather furniture. Dry or damp cloth would suffice.

i. Keep leather furniture away from windows, out of direct sunlight. Intense and direct sunlight can cause the leather to dry out and fade in color.

j. If an incidence of accidental damage to the leather should occur or with the years of natural wear and tear, deterioration becomes evident, it is best to consult and use the services of professional leather cleaners.

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