Timber Forever

Timber forver

Solid timber furniture is precious to us and we expect it to keep looking good forever. While natural timber does come with a seal of resistance and longevity as compared to the other synthetic materials, it mandates certain upkeep and care. I am going to share a few day-to-day precautions that will ensure that the timber stands the test of time.
a. A hot baking dish, wok or pan placed directly on a timber tabletop can cause damage to the surface. Use coasters to protect the top.
b. Use placemats to guard the top against scratches and damages from sharp edges of crockery, cutlery and silverware.
c. Food and drinks tend to stain the tabletops. Table runners and tablecloths will reduce the risk of staining.
d. Stick protective felt buttons to the bottom of lamps, vases and accessories.
e. When moving items around on table top, lift and move them, do not drag or slide as this can scratch the finish and in extreme cases, the wood surface below.
f. A dinner in candle light is a great idea but ensure to place a tray or mat to collect the melted wax that may drip. Also, place candles on a stand to keep the table surface away from the heat as the candle burns down. The heat can cause damage or spot burn on timber surfaces.
g. Always use a protective pad when writing with a ballpoint pen on the furniture surface, especially if the furniture is polished in light stains like whitewash.
h. Direct sunrays falling on the timber surface can affect the top finish. Place the furniture away from windows or direct sunlight to protect it from the damaging UV rays. Tinted windows will also help.
i. Avoid using solvent-based products, nail polish and polish removers around unprotected timber surfaces as they can cause discoloration or spot bleaching.
j. In case of spills, blot the spill with an absorbent cloth rather than wiping in a sweeping motion to avoid spreading the spill, causing further damage.
k. Dust the furniture regularly. Use a soft lint free cotton cloth dampened with water or furniture polish to clean the furniture. Use a light touch and rotate following the pattern of the grain. Cleaning your furniture with a dry rag can cause scratches to the finish.