Dining Tables

Spruce up your dining room with a striking yet very functional dining table that you can only get from Mobilia!

Our series of dining room tables are designed and manufactured with features that define every household’s dining style and character. Each of our dining tables are built with exceptional craftsmanship to suit the needs of our customers. It is our aim to deliver both quality and functionality that’s why, we have tailored our dining tables efficiently to make every meal or special gatherings more perfect and enjoyable.

Mobilia’s display of modern dining tables are built using high quality materials and finished with different coats, such as matte beige, matte gray, frosted and back lacquered in brown, and brushed in bronze, which add more elegance and appeal to them. Knowing that customers always want to be on the trend with their home furniture, we also showcase our extendable dining room tables which can come with tempered black glass or crystal glass tops.

Check out our showroom and see for yourself what we have in store for you! Browse through our website and learn more about our other offered home furniture products in Dubai.