Leather Sofas

Leather sofas in Dubai are known for their natural luxurious appearance and this is one element that Mobilia took in mind with its complete selection of recliner sofas, L-shaped modular sofas and home cinema leather recliner sofas. Its series of leather recliner sofas are all manufactured with a high-quality mechanism for flexibility and easy operation. The leather sofas are fitted  with high-resilient foams to deliver utmost comfort to their users. Depending on the buyer’s preference, the leather recliner sofas can come in solid wood material with metal feet or have them designed with attached arms and coffee table on both ends.

Mobilia’s line of home cinema recliner sofas are one-of- a-kind with their world-class power mechanism and touch sensor button. Also, the single seats recliner sofas can be built with a swivel and rocker mechanism if requested. All of our leather recliner sofas have three years warranty from any manufacturing defects.